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Total Immersion Workshops

Want to come to us?

We offer Total Immersion Swimming
workshops in several formats including
2-day Weekend Workshops &
2-consecutive Fridays Workshops.


Total Immersion Swimming
Weekend Freestyle Workshops

Oh, we're still at it!
If you're anywhere in the Middle East
we can help you swim better than you ever thought possible.

Right now we offer private & group instruction in Dubai, UAE.
Soon we'll offer one & two day weekend workshops.
We'll also offer one day/two consecutive weekend workshops.

Check out our
Total Immersion Middle East
Facebook page for updates
& look for our new TI Middle East website coming shortly.


Want us to come to you?

If you can gather at least 6 swimmers,
we'll come to your pool to do the workshop you choose!

We can deliver the world renowned
Total Immersion Swimming
drill progression for any of the 4 competitive strokes -
butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, freestyle.

We can do just freestyle in one weekend
with 7 hours of pool time

spread over 4 sessions - 2 sessions each day.
We can also do the other 3 strokes in one weekend.

All workshops include loads of above & below water video & analysis.


4 Stroke Workshops
for kids, masters or a combination of the two!

Give us a little more time
& we can deliver all 4 strokes at one workshop!

We'll also teach your group the other cutting-edge fundamentals
& techniques they'll need to cream the competition -
great starts, turns, finishes, underwaters & more.

For information about our workshops
please write...

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