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Kids Lessons

Hi Sarah, Jinny goes to Korea this summar so tomorrow, Wednesday 4:00, will be her last class for now. Jinny had much advancedment during this month.  He daddy took her to Rec center and he said she was no longer afraid of the water slide.  They were there for over 3 hours. What a hugh improvement!!! Thanks so much for the lesson, have fun in the summer.~~                                   Sincerely yours, Mindy K. – June 2010


Adult Instruction

Hi Kevin,   I just wanted to thank you.  Even though I have been MIA for a while I have still been practicing what you have taught me.  I just completed the Tri for the Cure and my swim(thanks to you) was my strongest component. 

I can't thank you enough, I completed the tri in 1:32:52 and I did my open water in 16 min.  


All the best, Libby - August, 2010

“Kevin was a swim coach and instructor for a master's swim team that I joined. He teaches
a method that is revolutionary in swim technique. It is difficult to break 50 years of
old habits, but Kevin did a great job in taking me through the steps I needed to master it. It
has made a difference in my speed, endurance and style! I highly recommend him.”
Ross Atwood, 2009

“Kevin is a no-nonsense professional who knows his material. He is serious about
helping his students improve - focused on technique and results. Kevin is a straight
talker and can be relied upon to give honest feedback and targeted instruction. I
recommend Kevin for anyone who is serious about improving.”
Angel Horvath, 2009

“Kevin is a TI Coach with long experience and highly developed teaching skills from
beginners to experienced swimmers. We've received rave reviews from many of his
students. He has consistently put in the time to keep his familiarity with TI methods
ahead of the curve.”
Terry Laughlin, 2009.
Head Coach, Chief Executive Optimist
TotalImmersion Swimming

Competitive Swimmers

Josh has learned a lot in the past year and his butterfly looks fantastic,
you've done a great job both of you getting him to this stage. Thanks, Karen

Hayley has become a much better swimmer with you and Sarah as her coaches -

and your patience with her is VERY appreciated!  I want her to continue to love swimming. 

She has great potential (maybe only a mother's opinion) and I want her to be the best

she can be and follow her dreams with swimming.  Thank you for working with her -

her swimming has improved and she has terrific potential because of the two of you! Gloria

Thank you Kevin and Sarah for all of your hard work and dedication to the kids!!!  You are both fabulous!  We appreciate everything you do.  Thanks for making a difference in our children’s lives!!!!  I apologize for not saying it enough.  I am thankful you put up with Ashlynne.  She is wired a little different than most.  Thanks for understanding her quirkiness.  She loves swim team and adores you both! Below is the information you requested.  Let me know if there is anything else you need. I am willing to buy a team swimsuit!

Thanks, Melissa - Oct. 2010

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